Friday, 12 May 2017

The last leg of my first year of college.

I've just finished my Graded unit last week
notes are all done now (more or less)
I found it was good as long as I kept taking notes, and photograhs of the progress
here is some below:
this is the unlined jacket I done before it was all put together I overlocked the garment but I think i'm going to make another jacket but binding the edges instead for a better finish

I really like how it looks inside out (I decided to go with copying part of the front pattern for my faces, and I was a bit unsure how it was going to sit at first but i really like it would work I think if bindinded both ways, I think I could make a really funky jacket with this.

Last but not least, the final garment, I used an blind stitcher to finish the sleeves and hem and I found this alot neater than blind stitching by hand  
(below is the blind stitching and the finished jacket)

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