Monday, 15 May 2017

2nd last day of class.

Design and make project work
I felt today was super productive, 
(1) started and finished my dress with some tweaks to the patterns and finished my jacket 

Tweaks on dress:
  1. I was originally going to have the zip on the side, even without sleeves this would be really impractical to get into, but with sleeves it's pretty much near to impossible.
  2. So because of this I move the zip to the back of the garment, and because of this I had to make a new neck facing hold my old one in half draw another pattern and add a 1 cm seam to the cut edge to allow room for the zip.  The back patterns both skirt and top half had to have a 1 cm attached also.
  3. I also learned while making my mock up that the front neck facing and front neck, will need fused in order to make sure it sits right and also to make sure it doesn't stretch this could also be attached with plastic boning as well as with fusing.  Both would also work.           
  4. The sleeves didn't turn out how I imagined they would either, so for the actual garment i'm going to make them shorter and flare more.

picture above of me sewing the one piece sleeve.

Lined denim jacket:
I'm really happy with the outcome of the jacket, I love the flare in it, I think when I make it again, I am going to make fusing higher up on the bottom part cause I love the structure of it, but i'd love to make it even more dramatic!
I think i'd also add 2 or more buttons under the one I have currently on it.
I want to get out of the habit of using only one button on my jackets.

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