Monday, 2 October 2017

Finally! gonna make my London post June 2017 Part 4: Visiting the V&A

When we first came into the V&A, we were met with this beautiful sculpture

Milana and the butts!

the "oh you" statue

Modern Japanese clothes, it was great to see some Lolita chords in the V&A Gallery.

I really like the Japanese Avante-Garde 

Chinese section!

I really like the stitch detail on this garment.

 Me trying to be a statue.

 it's so fluffy!

 An Eastern Section!
with a giant rug!

this funky looking person!

Some beautiful instruments! 

This lovely dress

 This looks like a funky wizard hat.

Some great garments outside the Balenciaga exhibit.

Finally! gonna make my London post June 2017 Part 3: Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion

                                             I thought this was one of the most unusual garments I've ever seen and a                                               great start to the exhibit.

                                                       Shape of the dress, and x-ray diagram.

                                                     we got to try on one of the creations

Upstairs was work inspired by Balenciaga

 Kind of reminded me of the star trek uniform 

 This looks so comfy!