Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Late post (wee update)

Forgot to post on sunday (woops)

Started my first week of block 3 I'd say it went rather well,
it was nice to get more information on my graded unit, and now the proper note taking for that begins.  Taking lots of pictures, notes and then putting them all together (the fun part...urgh lol)

I enjoyed working with cad again, though all of the notes, just to keep the knowledge in there for the assesment for it in a few weeks.
I love working with cad, even if it's a bit fickle sometimes.
(will take some pictures of cad working for picture bloggness)

then we had tailoring, which is gonna be a fun unit, so far we are just practicing the tack stitch see what the differance is between marking out your tacking and doing it free hand which was interesting, some people found it easier with bigger tacks and i personally found it easier with smaller ones 0.5mm or smaller.

My design and make jacket is almost finished.
I had some problems with my notch being wrong for my button stand and also how to apply a fake hem (by using facing)
but all done and just need to finish the hem,

I love it so much can't wait to button it and finish it,  I'd love to do something simular but with pink accents, and maybe pink lining and a pink button
(no idea where this like for pink is coming from but I think it would go well with the lighter denim)
I might even see if i'm allowed to go take it somewhere to be embroidered 

*all the excite*

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